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Friday, October 16, 2009

Falling Leaves Art the process

Thought I'll show the process on my latest piece of Glass Art. This one is titled "Falling Leaves"
I've always loved trees and since fall is here I wanted to capture a tree with fall colors...
First step is to glue 2 10" pieces of fusible 90 coe glass together, then by cutting glass pieces in various sizes I begin to layout the structure of the the tree, trunk, branches and the finally the leaves. After cutting all the pieces it is like putting a puzzle together. Then each piece is tacked on the base plate with a dot of glue finally it is ready for the kiln. I never know what I will find when working with glass. It is not an exact science, so it is always a surprise how the final piece turns out. This particular project the circuit breaker kick off and I had to re-fire the whole project. So here are some photos from beginning to end...


  1. Myra your process is well represented in your blog. I admire all who work with their hands, myself included it gives one a sense of Joy and Peace. Your Tree is Lovely.

  2. judy, thank you... as you know more to it than most may realize. I do love the end results. :)

  3. I often wondered how glass items like this were made, thanks for showing us :) love the tree!

  4. Thanks for showing that process!

  5. Great to see the process in action Kel. So, so pretty!


  6. Great blog post, nice to see how work is created!



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