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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 2 of Vacation Antwarp Belguim

Antwarp was a sleepy little town known for Diamond Cutting. Since we didn't have any extra cash for buying any diamonds we decided to walk around the town and really enjoyed this. The town is a mix of old and new which they have managed to work out quite well.
I'd been so rushed getting ready for the trip I had neglected to get a hair cut. So while we wandered around the town I found a small beauty shop with a Tall handsome Belgium Man who was able to help me out with a nice hair cut and style! After we walked around town and headed back to the ship one of our daily naps. Turns out naps were a regular event for us. I never nap at home but being away from computers, work, phones meant it was nice to have the "time" to nap or read or just sit by the pool and veg!

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