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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from Vacation.....

Well two weeks in Europe is awesome and exhausting. We've recently returned from our cruise which started in Amsterdam and ended in Barcelona. In Amsterdam we were amazed by how many traveled on bicycles. Our trip started in Amsterdam after we flew in from Las Vegas which was a total of 20 plus hours of travel and waiting in airports. We were quite Jet Lagged. We boarded the Century Ship and was amazed to find out we had been upgraded to a Cabin on the back of the ship with a sitting room and balcony, what a great start! The city is so pretty, canals are one way to get around the other main way of transportation was by walking or bikes. We had two days to visit in Amsterdam but the second day was mainly used for sleep. We had such a bout of Jet lag. Next stop Antwarp Belguim.


  1. I bet you are having a great time!
    We had a weekend in Amsterdam, a few years ago now, but we found it a beautiful city. so easy to walk/tram around. the canals and buildings so pretty, and the Anne Frank museum so moving.

  2. So cool, I never thought EVER about going to Europe, but now I'm heading to're blog has me thinking other future trips maybe?

    Glad you had a great time!


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