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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A new day....

So this is my blog. Blog who ever came up with that name. Sounds like some disgusting porridge your forced to eat because it will make you grow up to be healthy and strong.
Anyway, everyone has a blog so I thought why not. I can ramble on as well as the next slob.
I do want to say this. It does feel nice to have a place on the internet that I can say is mine.

Ok I am a graphic designer, I do ok. You don't get rich as a designer unless your a Super Star. I have had the luck to work with one of those "Super Stars" he has taught me well. I do appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented individual.

I've recently felt the need to do something creative for me, not a client who will destroy your work with stupid ideas of how they can do a better job than you.

So I ran across some websites about fused glass and really got interested in trying this out. So before I invested a small fortune for the equipment to do it I took a couple classes and really liked the idea of working with HOT GLASS. The thing that really intrigued me was you don't really know what the glass will look like till it is finished in the kiln.

Now I've set up a shop at Etsy where many talented artist and venders sell their wares.
The thing I like about Etsy is that you have to have made the item yourself. No re-selling items unless they are Vintage. I must say it is a very nice community and I'm happy that I found it.
I like the idea of buy from artist directly. Lately I'm not so happy with corporate america so the more I can support other artists the better I feel.

I hope to be posting some great examples of art and items from Etsy Shops soon.

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know everyone who posts here.



  1. Great to new blog Kellie! I had to chuckle when I read that part about "clients who will destroy your work because they think they can do a better job than you"...Been there, done that!

    I left my blog addy on the Star thread, please feel free to follow me if you want to!


  2. LOL about the word "blog". Does sound kind of gross!

  3. Wow, I love your blog and pleased to get to know you more!
    How did you link the face book fan page below? you're awesome!


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