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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Cute Puppy

On the right of this blog you will see our newest addition to the animal house. His name is Pickles. My daughter who recently moved out decided she wanted a puppy. Well it didn't take long for her to realize that puppies are nearly as much trouble as babies. ( A great lesson for a 20 year old to learn) anyways. She works and she felt bad for having to leave him in her bathroom while she was away at work so he was a "Visitor" for a while till one day.... He he adopted us. As you can se he is adorable. But as you may know or not. Puppies need a lot of training before you can "relax".
Today for example, my day started quite early 5 am up to finish a project that I had only received copy for last night after 10:00pm. So I was up to finish. Well computer was not in the mode and we had battle. After playing marry-go-round with three computers in my home office. I got it finished. Because I had been pre-occupied. Pickles had a hay day. He left a nice gift on the carpet in the family room. He then Peed on the cat box. and chewed up a pair of my undies from the laundry. All this before 8am!
Well after re-installing Adobe software and cleaning up my mess from my scream rampage this morning I'm exhausted. I think Pickles is going to visit his Mom ( my daughter) tomorrow.
Have a great day.. Cuz I didn't Somebody has to! Even if it isn't me.

See you tomorrow!


  1. What a cute face on that little guy- though I would be cursing him to no end if I were you, hahah. My dog just chewed up some of my laundry, too. Grrrrrr!

  2. We've got a new puppy too so I'm with you!

  3. I think that it was God's intent to make baby creatures so cute so we wouldn't kill them! C'mon, look at that face, how could you hurt! :o)


  4. Ahhh...puppies! My son, DIL & grandson moved in. They already had 2 outside dogs. Then they got a puppy. Next DIL's mother brought them another one! After them sneaking it in the house and me "stepping init", it no longer comes in! I completely understand. The puppies are just cuter outside!

  5. So cute! I have a 4 year old boy Cocker Spaniel. When he was a puppy, all my sandals were ripped off as you can imagine. Your puppies are adorable!


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