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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Blahs

Why does Monday have to always feel so gloomy. I hate to say good bye to weekends, I think a 2 day work week would suite me just fine! But alas I do have to eat and pay the utilities. And of course the Kids need shoes... My daughter only has 42 pairs of shoes why should she be deprived?
I had very good intentions today to do some work on my Jewelry craft. But the inspiration just wasn't there. I blame it on Monday Blahs and the phone keep ringing or the dogs were wrestling under my desk. Pick one!

So the day has finally come to the end and I still have design work to take care of. Those darn clients. What is up with having a Newsletter and having ever other sentence bolded. Kind of defeats the purpose of using bold. But you cant convince them of that. So you bold the hell out of the thing and hope that nobody finds out your were even involved with it.

Ok time to burn some dinner for the family. They like that. I tell them its a special cooking technique I saw on the Food channel.

See you tomorrow for terrible Tuesdays!


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